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About AxantWeb

AxantWeb has been created by AXANT to host the WSGI web applications of its clients in 2009. AxantWeb has been created to make really easy and really fast to setup web applications and web sites without having to care about content caching, database and web server setup and optimization or framework and programming language environment setup.

Quick and Easy

To setup a web application in AxantWeb you just have to add your domain for management in AxantWeb and create any number of web applications inside that domain. Each web application will be hosted on a specific third level domain which will be automatically configured with content caching, a service optimized for dynamic content, a service optimized for static content like images and videos a database service. Each domain will also come with a mail service automatically configured on domain setup.

Don't bother with anything

To manage the application environment we wrote a service which masks all the infrastructure behind the simple and easy to use FTP protocol.
You just have to upload your php/python files through FTP and they will be available and served by the application server. For WSGI applications you will find an example application configured by default to provide you with a starting point. Just upload a file named with a function called init_application which must return the WSGI application itself to run your own application.

WSGI Management Console

To permit to quickly install web frameworks or python packages inside your environment you will have access to a web management console from which you can install any python package available on PyPi, one of the most common python frameworks or our artichoke framework optimized for fast and small applications.
You can also upload any python package installable through setuptools

Optimized environment

Behind our FTP service it is configured a distributed server environment which implements a fast static content delivery service, a WSGI dynamic content delivery service, a PHP dynamic content delivery service, a mysql database cluster and a content caching server. Some of the most advanced technologies to serve your web applications. By default the service is configured to satisfy a small/medium traffic website, for high traffic or heavy applications you can consider contacting us to setup an improved environment